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MPS stands for Music Publishers (Singapore) Ltd, an association currently comprising twelve music publishing companies in Singapore, who collectively control a large number of music copyrights in Singapore.
Incorporated in January 1989, MPS is a non-commercial and non-profit making organization, whose principle activities are to act as a representative of music publishing companies in Singapore.

To exercise and enforce, on behalf of our members and their composers and/or lyricists, all rights and remedies subsisting under the law of copyright in Singapore and in all other countries or territories throughout the world, pertaining to the use of musical compositions owned or administered by our members.
  1. To promote and protect by all lawful means the interests of our members, and other music publishers and musical copyright owners in Singapore (so far as is not inconsistent with the interests of our members).

  2. To diffuse among our members information on all matters affecting the business of music publishers.

  3. To offer a channel of copyright enquiry to the business community and individuals who wish to use the intellectual property, either owned or controlled by our members.

  4. To foster a climate of respect for, understanding of, and compliance with the law of copyright amongst businesses and individuals who require the use of music

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